How to join us

How to join us?

  • # Show your interest in social activity.
  • # Show your positive attitude.
  • # Show your interest in creative activities.
  • # Show you are a team player.
  • # Inbox us, leave us a comment, mail us, call us - if we notice you are interested to join Roshandaan, we will definitely give you a call to come and join us on our next activity.

We at Roshandaan, strive to extend innovative opportunities, which can be embraced by people at large as a career, and by the entrepreneurs as brilliant talented aptness. With the expansion of their hobbies and hidden arts. Seemingly, Roshandaan aims to extend a kaleidoscope of talent base services. On the outset, Roshandaan has been incepted with a vision to create a virtual community, where the youth can speak, Act, and show. From thoughts to entity, Indifference to sensitivity, chaos to clarity, inability to ability, darkness to luminosity and present to eternity, it is a revolution that turns a dream into a reality and this reality manufactures in ROSHANDAAN.

Roshandaan creates the companionship of youth’s talent and the green thumb of society. We are not just working for our personal growth or goals; we also serve the best possible contribution to the society by this community.

Youth the most proliferate core of society, seems reckless, after scrounging the times, they are again empty handed from the opportunities and turmoil of minds. Roshandaan exhibits profound propensity for revolution to liberate the idea and passion of youth in lieu of forcing them to do work.